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New Forest.
Are you 60+ and living with a health condition that is holding you back?
If so, then we can help.
MHA Communities Hampshire are launching a project called “Get Going Again,” which is being funded by Hampshire County Council in order to support and re-engage people, over the age of 60 who are considered to be clinically vulnerable.
You can be considered clinically vulnerable if you have any of the following conditions: or have been an organ recipient or are taking any immune-suppressant medication.
  • chronic respiratory disease, inc COPD, cystic fibrosis and severe asthma
  • chronic heart disease, vascular disease, kidney disease/receiving dialysis or liver disease
  • chronic neurological disease including epilepsy, Mental ill health including dementia/Alzheimer’s
  • Down syndrome or severe and profound learning disability
  • diabetes, morbid obesity, solid organ, bone marrow and stem cell transplant recipients
  • undergoing treatment for cancer or taking immunosuppression drugs due to disease or treatment
  • had spleen removed or disease that significantly increases risk of infections such as SCID or sickle cell

We can provide links to the network of support provided by MHA, as well as supporting you to access other services enabling you to re-engage with your local community.
We accept direct referrals from yourself, you family members/carers or professionals supporting you; so if you, or someone you know would like further information about this Project, please email us at:
Or alternatively call us on: 01425 476 142
We look forward to hearing from you, so please get in touch.