To All our Visitors,
Guests and Members

If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness caused by viral infection, such as runny nose or sore throat please DO NOT attend events or activities on our premises.
This measure is to prevent the spread of covid and seasonal viral infections
in order to protect the medically vulnerable and keep us all well.


DSC05601It has been a very difficult and sad time for some people and we offer our sincere sympathy
to any who have lost a loved one through the pandemic.
We also share a concern with all those whose lifestyle or livelihood
has been affected by lockdowns and restrictions.

We are continuing to monitor Scientific advice to ensure our venues are as safe as they can be for everyone. 

Following the removal of statutory protections the wearing of face coverings or masks when entering our premises is a personal choice.

It is now known that Covid is an airborne virus with limited touch point transmission.
As such its spread can be slowed or even stopped by face covering hand washing and touch point cleaning.

Viruses such as Flu behave quite differently and can spread on surfaces and through the air.
So, we are continuing to ask folks to wipe down all high frequency touch points.

Please be respectful of the wishes of individuals and mindful that, for some, Covid continues to present a significant threat to life to themselves or loved ones.

Use of hand gel and regular hand washing continue to be a very effective part of combating
the spread of Covid and all common viruses.

We are leaving hand gel stations in as a permanent fixture of our building management.

We are thrilled to be, cautiously, welcoming everyone back into our buildings as we get to grips with
"the new normal".

Please pop in to see us at the Church office if you would like any further information not listed here.