If you regularly used our premises, and are considering returning after the lockdown, please fill in the form below and submit it as soon as possible.

It has been a very difficult and sad time for some people and we offer our sincere sympathy to any who have lost a loved one through the pandemic.

As you are fully aware, the government is looking at ways to gradually ease the lockdown and get things back to as normal as will be possible. 

At Trinity, as we plan for the immediate if not long-term future, we have to consider, very carefully, how and when we can reopen our two Centres without posing a health risk to those who use the buildings.  This will obviously involve social distancing, etc., and will entail careful planning of all involved – particularly on the part of the leader(s) of each group.

With this in mind, and to help us plan appropriately, this letter comes with a request that you reply to it, as soon as possible, giving the following details:

  • Name of group
  • Date when you would like to resume activities
  • The nature of activity
  • How you plan to implement restrictions to mitigate against the spread of COVD 19?   Please give details of your action plan:
         Some suggestions:
  • How will you implement social distancing?
  • Do you want to insist on face covering?   Yes   No
  • Can people bring personal crockery if food is involved?  Yes    No 
  •  A limited amount of hand sanitizer will be provided. Will you bring your own?  Yes    No
  •  How will you deal with potentially infected surfaces? (We do not have a cleaner available 24/7)
  • Will you make special provisions for vulnerable people?   Yes   No
  •  If Yes, how?
  • Other
  • Will you restrict the number of those attending?   Yes     No  
  • If Yes, how will you implement it?

Please respond as soon as possible.

Thank you.