family lego club

Got a Lego enthusiast in the family?

Want to be more creative with Lego?

This is a family event designed for those with school-age children. Each family will have an area to create their Lego designs. We'll have a number of activities to design and build together and these will be different each session. Each family will have 2 bags of lego to build with. The larger bag contains bases and bricks and the smaller bag is for those much smaller pieces. Each family will have the same amount of Lego to build with!

We have teachers amongst our leaders, as well as a former Lego workshop leader.

There are no kits in sight as this is design and build. However, we do have some books to help if you get stuck.

This is not a competition but an opportunity to build something together and pool design ideas, truly stretching minds in a STEM direction.

The morning will include mini challenges as well as a design activity at different levels after hearing a short story.

We do not have any minifigures, so please feel free to bring your own but don't forget to collect them during the packing away time!

As we are an Eco Church, all the Lego has been purchased secondhand and it has been sorted and washed - it's been quite an undertaking!

Drinks will be served to you during the morning.

There is a cost on the day of £2 per child.

We are running this in conjunction with 'Who let the dads out?'

This truly is a unique experience and we hope that you have fun as a family together!

Any questions, please email or click on the Lego club logo (top of page) to book using eventbrite.