Hire Charges 

The charge for room hire is dependent on the type of organisation that you are:
There are 2 charging bands

  • Band A is for church organisations and charities
  • Band B is for all other user groups
The rooms can be hired by the hour or at a discounted rate for a session.  
Day rates are also available on application.

NB ‘A Session’ is a morning, afternoon or evening and lasts for up to four hours. 
For bookings that extend longer than this period each subsequent hour is charged pro rata at the session rate
(e.g Trinty main hall £71.10 Divide by 4 = 17.78 per additional hour)
    Band A Band B
  Session Hour Session Hour
Trinity Main Hall 46.00 15.40 71.10 23.70
Trinity Meeting Room 15.50 5.20 22.10 7.50
Trinity Room 1&2 15.50 5.20 22.10 7.50
Trinity Meeting Room 1 9.50 3.30 14.50 4.90
Trinity Meeting Room 2 9.50 3.30 14.50 4.90
Trinity Church Hall 46.20 15.40 71.00 23.70
Wesley Upper Hall 32.90 11.00 41.30 14.50
Wesley Lower Hall 24.60 8.20 35.10 11.80
Welsey Church Hall 42.70 14.20 71.00 23.70

Equipment such as a flipchart, digital projector or White Board can be hired at a rate of £6 per item per day, please confirm your requirements at the time of booking.

The Kitchen is hired separately from the hall at a charge of £40.00 per session.  This includes use of the cooker, utensils, dish washer, cutlery and crockery.
Evening Bookings: Out of respect for our neighbours bookings are generally expected to be finished by 22:00 to 22:30.  If your booking is likely to finish later, please apply to the Trinity Church Leadership Team in writing at least one month before the planned event or party.

Smoking and Alcohol:
Trinity Centre is a NO SMOKING zone. This includes Vaping.  No alcohol may be consumed on the premises without the permission of the Trinity Centre Manager.  The sale of alcohol is only permitted if a licence is bought from the appropriate licensing authority.  (See below)

Wesley Centre is a NO SMOKING zone. This includes Vaping. A Methodist Church ruling makes it illegal to consume or take alcohol on to the premises of the Wesley Centre.

Licensing:  Trinity Centre holds a Performing Rights Society License.  Licenses for Public Entertainment and Alcohol (a Temporary Event Notice) should be obtained from New Forest District Council by the hirer of the Trinity Centre facilities.

Car Parking: Trinity Centre has a car park for 27 cars accessed off the Quomp.   Please park only in the spaces provided do not block anybody in and please do not park on the Quomp, College Road or Woodside Close, thank you.   Should Trinity car park be full, the nearest public car park is the Blynkbonnie - follow Christchurch Road past Greyfriars past the cycle shop and turn left.

Rubbish Removal: At the end of a hire period, the premises should be left in a clean and tidy condition with chairs and tables returned to where they were found at the start of the hire.  All rubbish should be removed from the premises, by the hirer.  

Caretaking and Cleaning Fees: Should the premises be left in an unacceptable or untidy state after hire a cleaning or caretaking fee may be levied. The charges are £45 per hour or any part therof. Minimum charge is 1 hour. 

Thank you.