Ringwood Foodbank 

Foodbank Poster 20-04-20

Ringwood Foodbank provides food for individuals and families in crisis.
Three days' worth of food is normally offered.

Please note: The normal process for the issue of vouchers and food has changed because of the coronavirus shutdown.

Obtaining Foodbank Vouchers during this difficult time

Please phone one of the numbers for the referral agencies given in the poster above.

In order to safeguard clients and our volunteers we are seeking to reduce face to face contact by adopting an e referral system and by having food parcels delivered to clients rather than having them collect food from our Distribution Centres. Delivery will be managed by the Food Bank Distribution Centres and the Delivery Organisations shown below.

Changes to Referral Process and Deliveries of Food

  • Clients will be referred to Ringwood Food Bank by email using an e form with the usual client details, and not the red voucher.

  • Until further notice, Distribution Centres will remain open for their usual hours as shown on our web site ringwood.foodbank.org.uk.

  • Delivery: Once an e referral form has been received and processed by the Distribution Centre a delivery will be arranged and the client advised when the delivery can be expected. The delivery will be made using a safe delivery process ensuring that there is no contact or breach of social distancing advice between clients and delivery drive

Our Focus:
We remain focussed on helping those who cannot afford to buy food. We do not have the stock or the capacity to also support those who have the financial means, but have difficulty undertaking food shopping due to self isolation or other reasons. Local Authorities are charged with delivering local support services, to ensure that those who are self isolating without a support network will get basic groceries and medicines. There may also be local support groups who are able to assist those self isolating with the collection of food. 
The Ringwood Foodbank Distribution Centre is open on
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
11:30 — 1:30 at Wesley Centre
Christchurch Road 
BH24 1DN

Contact details for making gifts and offering support: Warehouse number: 01425 600134, or email address warehouse@ringwood.foodbank.org.uk.